Kick Foosball Table Triumph Black 55 In


The invention of Foosball game was very mystical. Some people who had interest in Soccer game want to invent a game like soccer that can be played at home. Then they create a game like soccer named Foosball table game. Now-a-days some Enthusiast people pays much interest in Foosball table game. But people of all ages can enjoy these game.But the craze for these game can easily affect a person by a bad Foosball table. Now I want to meet you with such a Foosball table game which looks amazing and durable at a good price. The Kick Foosball Table Triumph Black 55 In is planned for those who enjoy relaxing during play. These Foosball Table is actually sturdy and stylish. The design of these Foosball table is unique that is why these soccer table looks more elegant than any other Foosball table.

Kick Foosball Table Triumph Black 55 In brands


These high-quality Foosball table has some important features. They are as follows:


The metal design and chrome plating of these soccer table can easily attract anyone. As it has a gorgeous look, it can be put in game room or other room. These amazing table also enhance the rooms beauty.

foosball table Brands


The dimension and weight of these soccer table is:

  • 1. Length: 55 inches.
  • 2. Width: 30 inches.
  • 3. Height: 36 inches.
  • 4. Weight: Its’ weight is about 120 pounds.


The Foosball table has a bright green turf that makes the player feel real. The color of the wooden handles of these Soccer table is Oak color. And the handles comes with counter balanced men set and uniformed men set with different color.


Kick brand become popular for its’ durability. The Kick Foosball Table Triumph Black, 55 In is made of high quality materials and solid wood that makes it sturdy and durable. And its’ player rods that is made of solid steel and the handles are made of woods, looks very beautiful and also durable. As the Foosball table made stable it gives you a long time uses ability.

foosball table brands

Player description

To ensure flat surface the Foosball table has sturdy leg levelers with Rubber Grip. It has one or three goalie and 22 Foosball men in the gaming surface. These Soccer table has 8 durable solid steel non-slip wooden player rods with safety caps. These rods grantees for smoother spinning. You can easily install 2 chrome cup-holder on each side if you want. It also offers 4 official Foosball.

Brand quality

Kick brand is very popular for its’ high quality and unique design. And the products of Kick brand are stable and sturdy.


Kick Foosball table ensure an unlimited lifetime warranty.

Kick Foosball Table Triumph Black 55 In

The features of these Kick Foosball table are like many other Foosball table but the main difference is in its’ design which is extraordinary and pretty. And its’ quality is better than any other Foosball table.


  • To avoid the stopping of balls at corners, there are a little curved plastic “corners”.
  • The assemble of the elements of these Foosball table is quite easy.
  • The metal design and chrome plating gives it an elegant look. It enhances the room beauty. The Kick Foosball table is comfortable for anyone to play soccer game at home.
  • These Foosball table is made of high-quality materials so it is very reliable to use.
  • The price of many Foosball table is high. But Kick Foosball table is a great combination of durability, elegance, modern design at a lower price comparing with other Foosball table.
  • Kick provides an outstanding customer service. They answer the customers phone call immediately. If there is any problem, they will take care of it.
  • The greatest advantage of these soccer table is that you will have an amazing high quality Foosball table at a good price.
  • The surface and the Foosball men of these table game looks real.


  • As the weight of these table is about 120 pounds, it must be heavy.
  • Solution: You need at least 2 people to carry these table.

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(FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions For The Kick Foosball Table Triumph Black 55 In


  • Question: How many player and goalie are there?
  • Answer: There are 22 players, 11 players in each team and one or three goalie.
  • Question: Is the playing field flat or slightly curved away from the corners?
  • Answer: There are a plastic “corners” to make the field curved from the corners and to avoid stopping the ball at corners.
  • Question: Is there any cup-holder? If yes, is it removable?
  • Answer: Yes, there are 2 cup-holder. And these cup-holder can be attached and removed at any time.

Final verdict

Foosball table game may be better suited for adults but kids can also play these game. So it can be said that people of all ages can enjoy their leisure time by playing these soccer table game. If you have interest in Soccer game, Kick Foosball Triumph Black, 55 In will be best choice for you. Comparing with other Foosball table the price of these Kick Foosball table is low. But the design is very modern and pretty than any other Foosball table. With its’ amazing look, it enhances the beauty of the room. And its’ high-quality materials ensure a reliable and longtime uses ability.

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