KICK Gemini Foosball Table Reviews

Basically, this KICK Gemini Foosball Table resembles an overhauled variant of the Silver Freedom Foosball table. Both the Kick Foosball tables have a to a great degree comparative outline and just the Gemini has the greater committed Foosball table which improves it heavier and in light of the fact that it is more steady. The table has leg levelers so you can play on the straight surface regardless of fit as a fiddle your floors are. Wooden handles give the best control of the steel bars so you can control the counteracted simply like you need. The easy to understand Kick Foosball table has the choice to look over the 1– man goalie and the 3-man goalie which is extraordinary and you can change that later. I trust I haven't seen an easy to use the mark like Kick in a while. Actually, this professional Foosball table is the genuine Gem of the KICK Foosball table line up. As we said before the hardwood grain completing gives this table an exquisite and advanced yet energetic character. So, with this KICK tag on the sides of the table, you know you are getting a quality item. Include its exact player control, amazing field play adjust and uniquely composed, simple spilling counteracted men, this table will outperform your desires. Before long this table will likewise be the Gem among your family and family friends who are regularly attaching with you and your family.

Let’s take tour with this best Foosball table specialized features in shortly

This dynamic Foosball table with the premium bearings features like we have discuss In the introduction. basically, this best professional Foosball table comes with sturdy 5 inches leg levelers with 1 by 2 inches of thick playing field which makes the strongest playing field in the list of other Foosball table in its similar category.

This is also with ball return facility on every end part of Each table with a dynamic slide scoring facility. On the other hand, it has also 1 or 3 Goalie design as per you can set it up account to your playing preferences. This design also built with a ramp kit which raise efficiency of Foosball game playing.  

At the mean time, eight number of 5 by 8 inches durable semi solid stainless steel chrome plated rods shows the capability of smooth Foosball playing with best of each game is concern. This professional table also includes 13 red and 13 blue counterbalanced men and a awesome set of 26 uniformed men to start instant playing after completion of assemble.

On the other hand, this Foosball table comes with 2 KICK premier and 2 Soccer Foosball to start a quality Foosball game and eight Non slip wooden handles with screws makes the better feel of touching and transporting wherever you want to transfer.

The most importantly kick Foosball manufacturer offers life time warranty for this great Foosball with free of cost same day shipping facility. At the same time, they also give you free rod lubricant as per your request with or separately.

 So, for your desire demand fulfillment this one is the ever best Foosball table according to fulfill your desire demand from an Foosball table to the enjoyment of best Foosball game plan.
KICK Gemini Foosball Table Reviews


The most importantly the leg levelers are too much comfortable to set it up and give the best feel of moving your table with smoothest move facility is concern.

It has counteracted with the semi solid stainless steel part and extremely durable and flexible for playing the game as whole.

At the same time, counterbalanced men and uniformed men gives the best of the enjoyment of Foosball gaming on each start of the play plan. 


Some time for the bigger part end ball return makes trouble but you can fix it easily as following with directorial use manual that came with the unit. Or otherwise you can call the customer service they will fix it within short period of time to taking some initiatives to resolve these issue.

When analyze the customer reviews we saw that lowest about reviews come to complain about the design but most of the customer gives the best Foosball reviews regarding this professional kick branded Foosball table. At the same time, we also found that this table design made by the manufacturer is concerning with modernized design is concern. You also can see the pictures of this table to decide whether this one is best designed Foosball table or not.


Q: What does it mean by semi strong  steel pole?

Answer: semi strong steel means that the combination of other materials with steel to make ground of bars. For example; the Foosball bar has all the earmarks of being steel yet you figure is the metal part isn't hundred percent steel. But many reviewers said, they cherish the table and have had it for a year. They have 5 children going from 16 to10 and 4 of the 5 are young men. they are really harsh on the table and it has held up extremely well.

Q: Does it come as ready to play?

Answer: sorry dear, You should assembled the table to start the Foosball game play.

Q: What is the actual dimension of this table?

Answer: the overall dimension of this table is around 55 inches on length X 30 inches on width X 36 inches on height.


At the end of this Foosball table reviews we found that this one also the best Foosball table from kick brand as compared with other ones. Basically, this one has the best features as you want from a best Foosball table to enjoy the Foosball game at the maximum level. On the other hand, all features and other aspects of this table is too much suitable for your kids and other family members also for your family friends if they are coming your home to play Foosball game with you. In this KICK Gemini Foosball Table Reviews we tried tell you the truth about the actually features and aspect. Resulting we recommended this Foosball table for you. Hope this table serve the best enjoyment of Foosball gaming and you family members like and love it.

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