Kick Liberty Black Foosball Table Review

The plan of this table takes after the Elite Foosball table since it has a littler cabinet as compared by others. Shockingly, it makes it rather precarious table so it is a superior Foosball table for the children than the elder people. This Kick Liberty Black Foosball Table different features are basically similar to each other Kick Foosball table. The table has leg levelers, offset, probability to searching of the 1 and 3 man goalie design makes it more flexibility of choosing the best playing setup. At the same time, wooden handles and steel bars makes it stronger resulting kids cannot easily broke it by their unfortunate naughtiness

It is an extraordinary kick Foosball table for kids. that’s why we recommended this one for you. at the same time, this Foosball table dark and smooth lines influence it to mix in with any gaming room stylistic layout. This model is 48 inches crawls long, making it an incredible starter table intended to be utilized for kids however can be utilized for all ages. It is marginally littler in plan than a portion of the full scale of tables available at the 55 to 56 inches. This is tremendous table has the features of movable leg levelers under sickle molded legs, it is also with the front ball returns, brushed chrome score counters, chromed soccer objectives, and bars. You have the alternative to gather the table utilizing a solitary man goalie or more present day 3 men. This is an incredible starter table for your youngsters.

Let’s talk about the specialized features of this dynamic kick Foosball table

It is with the premium bearings table from the kick brands. This professional Foosball table comes with the 1 by 4 inches of playing field and it is also built with the sturdy two inches leg levelers which enhance the portability and transfer-ability of anywhere you want. At the same time the lowest weight of this table also enhance the transfer-ability.

This professional kick Foosball table also has the convenient ball return on every part of the end table with a slide scoring mounted over the each end part of the table. The most importantly as player preferences you can set 1 or 3 goalie because it is design with the multiple goalie setting.

On the other hand, the eight durable half inches semi solid stainless steel chrome plated player rods makes the playing more suitable and at the same time, more effortless. This dynamic table comes with 13 red and 13 blue uniformed Foosball men, which release the tension regarding Foosball men quality issue. It is also comes with 2 soccer style balls and it sated with eight wooden handles with screws. Basically, this cheapest Foosball table has all the features that you can find on the costly kick Foosball table. Now may be a question arise in your mind, is it a quality Foosball table, yes buddy do not worry yes it is a cheap Foosball table but manufacturer made especially for kids so before giving this on in the market they make sure the quality because you may know people always loves kids. On the other hand, manufacturer offers lifetime warranty also with this dynamic kids Foosball table. And at the mean time they also offers free same day shipping. If you request for rod lubricant they also give this without taking any money.

So, at the last of this Foosball table review features we can say that for your 100 percent fulfillment professional Foosball gaming this one is the mostly suitable for you and kids. because this kick Foosball table features are too much efficient for best Foosball game serve.

Kick Liberty Black Foosball Table Review


This dynamic and at the same time professional foosball table comes with wooden handles and steel bar which may enhance the quality issues and handles makes it as perfect as possible for game playing.

This kick Foosball table built with highly durability and design with elegance enhance the smart look which may raise your home decoration in a utmost level. at the same time it is too much easy to assemble because if its assemble easy directional manual. Then again if you facing any kind of problem regarding you can anytime contact with the manufacturer and within short time they resolve your issue at maximum as possible.

This multi talented Foosball table came from the kick Foosball brands, no worry about the quality of this professional Foosball table in to account.


This table actually made for kids but elder can play the game with little bit concerning passion.
According to the stability measure it is not as like other big table from kick but still it is too much suitable for kids playing.


Q: what type of material used to made this Foosball table?

Answer: Basically, this kick Foosball table made with high quality MDF. As we analyze the customer reviews we do not found anything wrong regarding this issue.

Q: Is it easy to assemble and play the game is concern?

Answer: Yes buddy it is too much easy to assemble then again if you facing any kind of problem you can call anytime to customer service and at the same time this Foosball table comes with a well directed user manual so you can easily do assemble own self. On the other hand, off course this is the one of the best suitable table for kids. 

Q: what is the actual dimension of this Foosball table?

Answer: That’s very important question to ask, dear buddy this Foosball table overall dimension is all around 48 inches on length X 24 inches in width X 31inches in height.


At the end of this Kick Liberty Black Foosball Table Review session we can strongly recommended this kick Foosball table for your kids. because this is the table which is made for kids playing is concern. On the hand, all the features also supportive for elder people Foosball playing also. Basically, regarding quality of this Foosball table makes it in the list of the best Foosball table and this table has all the efficiency to serve the best Foosball enjoyment for your kids. So, without a doubt you can buy this table and give a chance to your kids for best Foosball enjoyment.

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