Kick Silver Freedom Foosball Table Review

This kick silver freedom Foosball table is a littler 48 inch display that is actually suitable for players of any age, however fundamentally for kids. The silver and dark color tones are certain to mix in with your gaming room and grandstand for a highly modernized design. Basically. This best Foosball table offers transferable leg levelers with the sliding manual scoring units over every objective, and chrome covered player bars. At the same time, this Kick Foosball table additionally has blue and red contradicting men that can be set up with discretionary single or 3 man goalie relying upon your inclination or preferences whatever you say. This generally is an extraordinary starter table in which you are searching for a table that can fill in as a present for your master children.

In general with the experience a discharge from the everyday routine with your own one of a kind Kick Silver Freedom Foosball Table! This is the best because of the silver wood tone mirrors the cutting edge and innovative nature of the building behind the outline while adding quieting vitality and style to your home. The striking dark legs emanating from the middle include an additional touch of style and support. Free your internal Foosball ace today to buy a kick silver freedom Foosball table.

Now let’s talk about the special features of this unique one: this is actually, premium bearings best Foosball table from the kick Foosball table brands with 1 by 4 inches of playing field. Which has also a convenient side ball return facility on every end part of the table. On the other hand, slide scoring mounted included on each part of this table which established as the best Foosball table. This table facilitate with 1 or 3 goalie design which increase the player preference of gaming coordination. At the mean time, 8 durable 1 by 2 inches semi solid stainless steel chrome plated player rods makes this playing more entertaining. Now may be you ask yourself what about the player? Do not worry about that buddy, every single unit of this Foosball table comes with 13 red and 13 blue uniformed Foosball men with 2 soccer style balls. At the same time, 8 wooden handles with screws raise the flexibility of moving whatever the places you move it. As we said the previous kick Foosball table reviews; every kick Foosball table comes with lifetime warranty from its manufacturer.

So, at the end of this specialized Kick Silver Freedom Foosball Table Review we can say for your hundred percent enjoyment of Foosball game, this one is able to serve the best.


1.It is the best table from the list of Foosball table brands for its extraordinary unique features.

2.This table built with sturdy base with modernized design.

3.Wooden handles and counterbalanced players makes the hassle free gaming enjoyment.


There is only one cons we found by researching all Amazon and other customer reviews and that some of the tables have end ball return features problem. But you can easily solve it by calling the customer service which is set by the manufacturer to serve the best 24 by 7 days customer service.

Kick Silver Freedom Foosball Table Review


Q: Is this table built with telescopic roads?

Answer: No buddy, this table comes with semi solid stainless steel roads. This is not the table which are built with the telescopic roads.

Q: Does this table comes with corner banked?

Answer: sorry buddy, this Foosball table comes with some ramp kit. When you want to set the 1 goalie set up this will avoid dead space in the corners.

Q: Is this a perfect for home game room?

Answer: off course, if you read carefully all the part of our best Foosball review you can see that these all are the actually the best for home game room. If you have enough space to set it up. Otherwise you can also set it on rooftop shaded room also you can set it on basement of your apartment.


After completion of this Kick Silver Freedom Foosball Table Review shortly, what we can saw actually know about this best Foosball table. Basically, this table is the best ever for your children and other members of your family and friends. Because of this is the table which is has all the option and efficiency to give your children at maximum enjoyment of Foosball table game. on the other hand, this Foosball table built with some extraordinary quality features which makes this table as the best one in the list of best Foosball table. So, you can buy this dynamic kick silver freedom Foosball table without a doubt. And we ensure that you kids will like this one at the mean time your family and friends love this Foosball table without a doubt.

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