KICK Solstice Foosball Table Reviews

By analyzing all the brands Foosball table reviews we found this one as the best for official and home usable professional Foosball table in the list of the best of best from the kick. Basically, the originator, a 25 years duration of the game and a perceived Foosball aficionado, longed for an amazing diversion table that other Foosball lovers can appreciate without the high cost in concern. Following, quite a while of research, plan and improvement of all the aspects, KICK was conceived to making another standard in Foosball tables. KICK it outdated style and get your own one of a kind KICK Foosball Table today. In that circumstances kick made this KICK Solstice Foosball Table for both the home and official Foosball game play. Actually, the KICK Solstice Foosball Table is experience a novel quality Foosball session with this European hybrid table Foosball gaming. The KICK Solstice Foosball Table conveys an unparalleled touch to any zone you may give it to. The European impact overflow to all parts of this table. counting premium direction, thick yet smooth playing field, balanced permitting players more method, artfulness, smooth passing and ball control. Appreciate two arrangements of players in red and blue, exact player control, and 1-or 3-man goalie. This table furnishes you with every one of the highlights you are searching for, at a value that no one beat.

Now let’s talk about the this best professional Foosball table special features in shortly: 

In the manufacturer Foosball table reviews we found that the overall dimensions of this KICK Solstice Foosball Table is around 55 inches on length X 30 inches on width X 36 inches on height. The front ball return on every end part of the table with a slide scoring.

This dynamic Foosball table comes with 1 or 3 goalie design so you can set it up as your playing preference this goalie design also included with ramp kit.

On the other hand, this kick Foosball table comes with eight durable 5 by 8 inches semi solid steel chrome plated rods which leads to the smooth Foosball playing. This professional Foosball table also comes with TWO KICK premier and 2 soccer balls for you to play the game instantly after completing the assemble.

This kick Foosball table also has 13 red and 13 blue counter balanced Foosball men for home and away Foosball playing with the 26 uniformed ready players to continue a best Foosball gaming enjoyment.

This Foosball is made with eight non slip grip wooden handles with screws which actually leads to the best quality of Foosball gaming indeed. At the same time, manufacturer offers life time warranty with fee shipping facility. They also support same day shipping with free rod lubricant they give with it or separately as your requesting demand

So, for your thousand percent fulfillment this is one of the best Foosball table from kick brand. On the other hand. All those features we mansion in this part of the Foosball table review can makes and give you the best Foosball enjoyment for kids and family or in your office leisure time with collogues.

Merits of this KICK Solstice Foosball Table:

This is the best quality table as compared with the other professional Foosball table with its unique features and efficiency.

This is too much suitable for both younger people and also for elder one whatever the place you set it with home and away gaming enjoyment this Foosball table serve the best for your Foosball gaming enjoyment as well.

This table made with the best quality of Foosball table materials which makes this one stronger than it’s similar category.

When you open shipment you will find a organized and each ever part of this table with best directed user manual which helps you assemble this one easily and this one is much efficient one you will find at the end of the assemble.

KICK Solstice Foosball Table Reviews

Demerits of this professional Foosball Table

This KICK Solstice Foosball Table is assemble is little bit time consuming than other one because it’s a bigger table but not too much difficult to assemble.

In concern of caring of this table when you playing the gaming took much concern regarding take care of whole. But after finishing the game clean it up it will return to the base as you buy newly. 


Q: Are the leg leavers are easily adjustable for leveling is concern?

Answer: Yes dear, this leg levers are suitable for adjusting anywhere of the floor at your home or office. 

Q: What actually includes in the box?

Answer: This Foosball table comes with everything that want for assemble the whole table. The bundle touched base with a few dings on the external box, yet the cushioning and structure inside continued everything in consummate condition. The guidelines were clear, and the naming of the considerable number of parts with counting screws and other little things was mind boggling. So do not worry about the shortage of any parts of the whole table. You won’t buy anything separately.

Q: Is this Foosball table suitable for kids or younger one of the family?

Answer: Yes buddy, this one is much suitable for kids and younger one of your family. But this table is basically made for little bit elder one. Then again any one can play Foosball with this one for Foosball entertainment into account.

Q: Is it suitable for outdoor game?

Answer: Unfortunately not suitable for outdoor Foosball gaming. Because this is not an water resist one. Causes of water can be the reasons for damage. But if you are able to arrange a sky shield then it may be the best gaming kit for outdoor Foosball gaming during outing with family and friends.


Yes, after completion of this KICK Solstice Foosball Table review we can willing to recommend this Foosball professional table for you and your family Foosball gaming enjoyment. Basically, this one is the best for its features indeed. On the other hand, the flexibility durability and efficiency makes it the best ever in the list of best Foosball table game. so, without taking any hassle or worry about you can undoubtedly buy this one for taking at maximum entertainment regarding Foosball table game. Hope for the for you and your family and friends for enjoyment of Foosball gaming.

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