Mainstreet Classics Table Top Foosball Review


Wow! The cutest one! You don’t need to expense a lot to get the entire fun of Foosball. You can’t even imagine, you are going to get everything of game entertainment within a minimal price. I will make a fantastic introduction of the cute one in Mainstreet Classics Table Top Foosball Review. This one is best as the table top Foosball. Best one for the children’s entertainment and for the adult as well.



The design is quite good. It attracts a child most. It looks bright to a kid. Red and blue jersey combination on a light green playfield. Graphics on the body. Two plastic sliders each on one side, soccer-style balls all present the beautiful look of this little soccer table. Most important is the height of this table. Little height with the overall good design. That’s why children like it as their fun equipment.


This best affordable Foosball table conveys a medium dimension. It is best for tabletop Foosball game with its suitable dimension on a table. The dimension is 36-3/4LX20WX11-3/4H inches. Quite lightweight under 25 pounds. Notice the height. Because of this minimum height, it is best suitable on a table. And children find it more comfortable. You can keep it anywhere of your room after finishing your game.


You can take it as a chance. GLD products providing you the best quality Foosball table with a minimum price. The table is constructed with plastic and medium density fiberboard (MDF). All are durable with quality materials. Soccer style balls, steel rods, quality handles, manual sliders all are made for long lasting.

Blue and red jersey players

Total 14 players with 6 rows. Two teams of the blue and red jersey. Beautiful combination. Bright color players on the light green color playfield, are likely to the realistic playground. 4 rows with 3 players on each. Two single goalie players on each side.

Great for Kids

Parents search for a table which is best Foosball table for the money. As children entertainment with a game table does not last, thus parents prefer the best quality table with a cheap price. And get it as the best affordable Foosball table. The table size, portability, quality and features all are super great for kids. No need to think twice to buy this one for your little kid.

Handles offer a secure grip

The handles of the rods will give you a comfortable feel. These are made of quality plastic materials. For fast-paced play, a comfortable grip of handles is really important. Here, the table is specially made for the children. So, a secure grip is must which it has.

Mainstreet Classics Table Top Foosball Review

Easy to situate and use

You can find it as portable table soccer. Many people prefer it only for its compact size. You can go anywhere with this Foosball table and can enjoy the game on any flat surface. You don’t need to stop to go anywhere keeping your beloved table at home. Rather you can join anywhere with your table game fun.

Fun comfort Item

The table is little one of the game equipment. You need to set it on a table to play. Nevertheless, this is enough entertaining game item. It will appear to you with its fast-paced action. It fits on any tabletop. You may have some different game fun from this table. Flying Foosball fun. Compare with other Foosball tables. You won’t get this feature to any other tables. It’s not a full sized table. But this little one won’t make you understand that.

Mainstreet Classics Table Top Foosball Video

(FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions for the Mainstreet Classics Table Top Foosball

Q: Which type score units are here?

A: You will get two manual score sliders here. Single on each side. These will help you to keep the scores. These are best for fast and accurate scoring.

Q: How long it takes to assemble completely?

A: Nothing to assemble here. Just after arriving you can start playing within a few time.

Q: I have searched the best Foosball table reviews but did not get the best one for my child at a cheap price. Would it go through my mind?

A: Parents find it great for their kids. You will get many best tables but not for your children whereas it is specially made for the children. You can match your requirement here in Mainstreet Classics Table Top Foosball Review. Hope, you will get everything that is needed for your kid.

Q: How many balls will come with this table and what about the quality?

A: The table will arrive at you with two balls. These are soccer-style balls.

Q: How can I carry it?

A: The table is quite light and little. You won’t feel any harass to carry it.


  • No lacking for first paced playing though it is not a full sized table.
  • USA origin product. Many people only prefer USA origin products.
  • This table comes with two soccer-style balls.
  • Two manual score sliders. Help to keep the first and accurate update.
  • You will get here dual end ball returns.
  • Portable Foosball table and best for storage after finishing the game.
  • Leg levelers for the stability during fast-paced play.
  • Beautiful exterior graphics design.
  • Flexible handles to make a fast and comfortable play.

Cons and Solution

  • Too light.
  • Solution: The table is too light to be more suitable for the children. And it is easy to move from one to another place. Low weight gives the table portability.
  • Not flexible to play.
  • Solution: The height of the table is only 11inches. So, you need to set it on a table or in a flat space to get the flexibility of the play.

Playing Foosball


This will give you the entire fun of the Foosball game without a spacious space and with a little price. You will get many sources to be happy if you add this to your gaming room. The table is super cost effective. You are getting full quality and a durable one at a cheap price. Go through the Mainstreet Classics Table Top Foosball Review and add it for your children’s entertainment.

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