Official Foosball Rules

It is quite sure that Foosball table game is one of the most popular games of the era. It is a game like home activities but feels the goosebumps fun. Whereas every sport has some rules to play, Foosball table game, which is called as soccer table game in the USA, also has some rules and guidelines to uphold. If players uphold the official Foosball rules which are authorized by the International Table Soccer Federation, will surely help the both player to play a fair and smooth game. The rules and guidelines vary with different organization and countries.

Official Foosball Rules

It is certainly impossible to follow all rules and guidelines while playing the soccer table game. But to fair the game, we should maintain those fundamental and most significant guidelines which are followed by the professional players and certified by the well-known organization called United States Table Soccer Federation(USTSF) and International Table Soccer Federation(ITSF).

Here are The Official Foosball Rules

The following 12 easy rules are taken from the Foosball Table Official Rules Book, which you should uphold to play the Soccer table game.

1. Decide The Numbers of Player

Before starting the game, you should decide the number of players. One VS One or Two VS Two players could be chosen to start the game. If you choose Two VS Two, one player must play with the offensive rods and the other with the defensive rods. The players only could switch their position at subsequent service. If any player switches his position between ongoing playing, it would be considered as illegal. There also some tables are available in the market, where you could play your game with more than 10 peoples. This table is named Multi players Foosball table.

2. Starting The Game with Toss a Coin

In the Foosball table game, both team or members want to kick off the ball first. To solve this problem, players usually start the game with toss a coin. Whoever win the toss, he or she could serve the ball first. After the maiden service, the next service will be served by the player who was made a goal last.” The last scorer will get the chance to service” is a rule to make the game fair and smooth going for the both opponent. On this point, there is also a rule exists. For considered a legal goal, the Foosball must be touched with men beforehand getting into the goal. Because any outside factors like wide or table shaking could make a goal.

If you play this game in your home and you wanted to make your own rules, then there is no bound problem. The game also could be started by dropping the ball on the middle of your soccer table.

3. Dead Ball

The Foosball gaming ball will be considered as a Dead ball when the ball stopped at a place on the table where both player’s men unable to reach. The dead ball problem has occurred every often in soccer table game. If in your ongoing game, the ball ever considered as a dead ball, then the ball will go back the player who scored last. Then he could serve the ball again.The Dead-ball rules will not be applied if the ball stuck between the goalkeeper and the defensive 2 bar. On that case, the defensive player must move the ball to back it in playing mode. Sometimes players cause the Dead ball to don’t let the opposites to score on. This rule certainly stopped them not to do such illegal thing only for their advantage.

4. Out of Play

Foosball table is manufactured to keep the ball within table’s ground. If the ball gets the out of the table with shots, then the whole game fun will be ruined. That’s why the Foosball organization made a rule called Out of Play. When the game reaches to the mood of intense playing, the ball often comes off the table area. If it occurs, then the ball will be reserved for the players who get a goal last. Even if the ball hits the rail of the table and came back to the ground, the rule will be applied. This rule helps the game to maintain a fair gameplay.

5. No Spinning

If any player spins his or her rods completely 360 degrees without touching the ball, then it would be considered unlawful. The rule of no spinning is generally overlooked by the amateur because they play the game only at the purpose of having the actual fun of it. But according to the official guidelines, it is against the law. So, every professional player must uphold the rule. If the rod spin 360 degrees with hitting the ball, then the shot will be a legal shot.The beginner couldn’t help but spin the rods to hit the ball tightly to the goal. As it is an illegal shot and you do it, then your opponent will get a free service.

6. No Jarring

Jarring means intentionally shaking the Foosball table with player’s body or banging hard the rods by hands for getting the ball in player’s advantage.Sometimes players cause jarring foul but they claimed that they are just sliding their rods backward and forward according to their position. So, in an ongoing game, it is a very important task to differentiate both jarring and simply slide.In the soccer table game, whenever and wherever you play the game, Jarring is completely forbidden. If you did this illegal thing, then you must pay for this. Your opponent would get the ball possession and could place it at their 5 rods. In case you fouled jarring for the second time in one game, the authority will have punished you a crueler punishment. Your opponent will get a penalty shot from his attacker rods, 3-man bar.

7. 5 Bar Passing

The rule of 5 bar passing is quite different than any other Official Foosball Rules. We can section the rules in two parts.The first portion is, you will get only 10 seconds to move the ball directly from 5-man bar to 3-man bar with a serve. And afterward the service, you must play a pass within only 15 seconds.And the portion is, you couldn’t pass your ball onwards to 3-man bar from your 5-man bar until it touches at least two men of the 5-man bar if you clogged or hold your ball against the wall.The punishment for this penalty is losing the possession of the ball and provide the opponent a free possession of the ball.

8. Scoring

Do you wish to win an authorized competition? Then you must need to score 5 goals before your opponent. If the ball crosses the goal line, then the goal will be counted. Likely the football game, a goal is a goal, it doesn’t matter whom man touches the ball last. If the ball crosses the goal line and returns to the ground without going the goal hole. This goal also will be counted. But a goal will not be counted, which is scored by hitting the ball directly from service bar.If the ball accidently entered players own goal bar, then a score will be awarded to the opposition players.

9. Switching Position

Generally, Foosball table game is played in two version in sanctioned competition. One is 1v1 and the other is 2v2. If players are played in 2v2 version, then one player must keep the upper rods, the offensive rods or the attacking rods, and the alternate players to the lower rods, the defensive rods, or the protective rods. The players only could switch their position after completing one service.If the players are played 1v1, then they only switch position after completing one match.

10. Time Limits

Time limits is a rule where the international Foosball table organization cleared about the time of keeping the ball between rods or bars.Players could keep the ball only 10 seconds between the midfield rods and 15 seconds between the alternate rods. You could take only 15 seconds for servicing because the defensive rods and the goalie rods considered as one rod in the Foosball table game.If any players break the rule of the time limit, then the possession of the ball will go to the opposition player and he will have a free service.

11. Reaching into Playing Area

If any player reaching in the playing area to stop ball without having any permission from the opposition players or the official, it will be considered illegal. But if they get permission before reaching, them that will be legal.A ball would be in the air by one’s intense shot or would be spinning in the ground or goes dead ball. But no players have the power to stop ball by reaching the playing area.If any player violent the rule, then either he could lose the possession of the ball while he has the possession or the opponent would get an automatic goal while he has not the possession but stops the ball before getting into the goal.

12. Language and Behavior

Language and behavior rules are only maintained in the sanctioned tournament. The beginner or the amateur doesn’t maintain this rule at all. In the sanctioned tournament, any type of usual conduct or comment is not allowed.Any sound or shout, even if it spilt out from an enthusiasm behavior are not allowed too. If any player does so, then it will be considered as a technical foul. But if he or she does it consistently then he or she might be out of the tournament or banned for some match.

The above rules are taken from the Official Foosball Rules, which are strictly followed by the authorized tournament or competition. Sometimes the new entry of Foosball table game or amateur doesn't follow these rules because they play this game only because of having the extreme fun of it. But if you take this game as a passionate game and determined to be a professional Foosball player, then you should maintain these rules while you were playing your game with your buddies at home. The practice of maintaining these rules in short extent will assist you greatly in your any future big tournament or competition.

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