Playcraft Sport Foosball Table Review


Playing Foosball is one of the best ways you can spend your spare time on. It is a great way to spend time with the family especially the kids, and it is also a great way to catch up with friends. In addition, playing Foosball challenges you to think of tactics and strategies to kick the ball straight to the goal and win the game.

The main equipment you need to play Foosball is a Foosball table. Thus, unlike other games and sports, Foosball does not require you to purchase a lot of gears and accessories, since a Foosball table would suffice. In addition, a Foosball table could be a great addition to your home or gaming room!

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Because of the benefits, fun and entertainment you can get from playing Foosball, it is amazing if you have one at home! Thus, are you looking for the best Foosball table that offers pure gaming fun experience for your friends and the whole family, without the need of you going beyond the budget? This Playcraft Sport Foosball Table is the perfect one for you!

Playcraft Sport Foosball Table offers the best Foosball gaming fun and experience every time you use it. It is a Foosball table anyone can enjoy playing with, especially the kids. In addition, this Playcraft Sport Foosball Table has lots of features you will surely love.


High-quality and durable built

This Playcraft Sport Foosball Table is made with high-quality and durability, which makes it safe and convenient to use by Foosball players. In addition, this Playcraft Sport Foosball Table’s high-quality and durable built enables its players to play Foosball even if it gets quite serious and intense.

Smooth-rolling playing rods

It is important for a Foosball table to have playing rods that can smoothly roll, so that the Foosball player can have as much control and desire as to how he wants to manoeuvre the rods to kick the ball. Thus, by using this Playcraft Sport Foosball Table, you got that important feature covered.

Perfect for all ages, especially for kids

This Playcraft Sport Foosball Table is ideal to be used and played by all ages, especially the kids. Thus, your kids will surely love this Foosball table, especially when you have it at home.

Playcraft Sport Foosball Table Review

Great value for money

Compared to other Foosball tables, this Playcraft Sport Foosball Table offers big benefits at a more affordable price. Thus, it offers you a great value for your money.


  • It made with high-quality and durability for safe and worry-free Foosball game time.
  • Its rods can roll smoothly, offering the Foosball player easy manoeuvre and control.
  • It is ideal for all ages, especially for kids.
  • It is a great bang for the buck.


  • This Foosball table’s Foosball men figures are not counterbalanced.
  • Solution: Since this Foosball table does not have counterbalanced Foosball men figures, it is best to use this for fun Foosball gaming purposes only, instead of using this for serious or intense Foosball gaming.
  • This Foosball table has a lot of dead spots.
  • Solution: Maybe it would help if you clean the Foosball table’s gaming surface, and maintain the Foosball table such as putting some silicone on the playing rods. In addition, maybe it would help if you purchase a high-quality Foosball ball, and use it when you play instead of using the older one.

(FAQS) Frequently Asked Questions for the Playcraft Sport Foosball Table


  • Q: What are the dimensions and weight of this Foosball table?
  • A: The dimensions of this Foosball table are 46” X 24” X 31”, whereas its weight is around 68 lbs.
  • Q: Does this Foosball table have a warranty?
  • A: Yes, this Foosball table purchase comes with a 90-day warranty.
  • Q: Are the rods of this Foosball table hollow type?
  • A: Yes, the rods of this Foosball table are hollow, which makes them sturdy and lightweight to use at the same time. In addition, by using these Foosball table’s rods, you will not experience much hand strain and pain, even for longer playing time period.
  • Q: Can I situate this Foosball table outside the house?
  • A: I would not recommend you situate this foosball table outside the house, since it will be exposed to weathering elements which can later on the damage the surface as well as the structure of the foosball table
  • Q: Can I store this Foosball table inside the cabinet or under the bed?
  • A: It is not as big as other Foosball tables, but this Foosball table cannot be stored in cabinets or under the bed. Since the legs cannot be dismantled, you will have to situate this Foosball table permanently on where you intend to place it. In addition, to prolong this Foosball table’s useful life, you can cover it with a cloth and clean it regularly.
  • Q: Does the ball roll back to the center when I play with this Foosball table?
  • A: Yes, since the corners of this Foosball table are quite in a slanting position, the Foosball balls roll back to the center.


With the benefits and features this Playcraft Sport Foosball Table offers, it deserves to be tagged as one of the best Foosball tables available in the market. Thus, if you are looking for the best affordable Foosball table to add to your home to have your family use and play with, this Playcraft Sport Foosball Table is the best one for you.

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