Setting Your Foosball Stance


Stance means the style you have got. The style you play. So, if you have the perfect stance you have the ability to become a good foosball player. It is the most important thing that should be overlook by the beginner. For example, if you have good stance & enough strength in your leg to play football so your performance will be better. In a sentence we can say that, the stance is the key to success in every kind of games, even in indoor games like foosball. Stance allow you to make a suitable position for easy movement, so that you can make a perfect shot.

Setting your foosball stance

Setting Your Foosball Stance

To play foosball it’s important to make the perfect body placement for taking shots. You have to stand by angling, crosswise your left leg and your body should close enough to the table. This is the right stance to play foosball & this way, it will allow you to play freely with your right hand. As you move freely you can handle the rod swiftly as you want. There are two types of rod, defensive & offensive. Generally, a foosball table has 2 defensive & 3 offensive rod included. The 3 offensive or attacking player’s rod is much longer than the defensive rod. So, while you play, you have to pull the roads towards your body or push into the table in order play with these rods & for that it needed enough spaces. If you want to exhibit how this become a perfect package, so keep your right hand in ahead of your body and pull straight back. Look there is no need to struggle for that. Now take your right hand to the left side by across and pull your arm straight again. Now look, you are struggling at this time and can’t make much further than before. So, it’s proved that good settings of stance can provide you a good result of foosball playing. 

Always keep your Foosball table in the middle of your room. Remember, One thing that smooth floor is mandatory for stabilize your table, Otherwise moving table will hamper playing mode. If the floor is rugged then use the best oscillating tool to remove floor roughness.

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