Tornado Tournament 3000 Foosball Table review


Tornado Foosball table is one of the best Foosball tables in the market. We all who are Foosball freaky more or less know about this one of the best Foosball table brands. If you need, again make a thorough analysis from Tornado Tournament 3000 Foosball Table review and pick it for your game area. And the most expensive one in the market with the elegant look. If you want the best looking table with best features, and if you don’t feel hesitation to invest on the best one, I will recommend you to choose it without any consideration. Home to the workplace, individual to the tournament- this smart one is always ready to give you the superior fun.


Appealing Look

This comes with classic Soccer table look with a handsome and standard design. The whole body design is excellent. This is with squad off corners for better control on the ball and not to move the table. Whereas, you won’t get this with any other table. Bold logo graphics gives it a higher sporty attitude. Special rugged styling with stainless steel laminate. It comes to you with the finest finishing. In one word, you will not even look for another one if you see it for once if you don’t have any budget as well.

High-quality and durable made

Tornado does not consider the price but ensures the best quality materials and durability. Sometimes it seems it is out of range for you. But you don’t need to think for another one if you invest on it for once. The body is laminated with stainless steel, figures with sharp corners, split cabinet with ¾ inches playfield, stuck balls, quality handles, and steel rods all are made with high-quality materials and long-term service.


you will find this tornado classic Foosball table heavier than any other Foosball tables. If you are used to playing on a light one then you will be surprised here. The dimension is 56LX30WX36H inches. And the weight is 300Ibs. This weight helps the table to be stable and hold the game excitement for hours without any movement.

Legs and Leg levelers

You can say the legs of a table are a most important feature. The stability of a table depends on the robust legs of that table. This tornado 3000 Foosball table has 4 solid legs which are really made with quality and ensure the permanence of this Foosball table. These 4 legs have individual leg levelers. These all are adjustable. These levelers add some extra rigidity to the legs. You can adjust these levelers to fix the height and it is helpful even on a rough floor.

Steel Rod Handle

The rods of this tournament Foosball table are hollow rods. These are for super-fast play. You can move these rods very fast and make a rapid shot to the goalie. These are heat treated by birth from the manufacturer. Total 8 rods. 4 for each team. All are protected with chrome plate. No doubt about the strength of these rods with comfortable grip handles. These are ready to run a super-fast and tournament type play.

Abacus Scoring Unit

This tornado t3000 Foosball table comes with some special features. Abacus scoring unit is one of them. No chance to be distracted from the game excitement. You can keep yourself updated with the match scores. You can prepare yourself for a shot knowing the opponent’s score.

Three Piece Bearings

The table has three piece bearings. All are separated by a thin wall. These will help you to keep a better control on the ball. Even you will be able to block the shots made by your opponent with these.

Setting up new T-3000 Tornado table


This three goalie table is based on the one goalie configuration. A group of players always prefer counterbalanced players. Here, the players are perfectly counterbalanced. All tornado players are patented with sharper corners. The cross section is also increased in the players. Super faster players and professional players look for this table because of these two features. The features make an exciting match by quick ball passing and super control.

Tournament Style

The dimension, features, all quality parts and exceptional features, the flexibility of play on it, super sturdiness, and sporty look all are perfect for a tournament style play. The table is always ready to hold a super exciting and rough play on it, which happens normally on a tournament type play. Many players look for an add tornado Foosball table for sale to enjoy the tournament excitement with a less price. Hope, you have already got the Tornado Tournament 3000 Foosball Table review different and attractive with its all characteristics.

Tornado Tournament 3000 Foosball Table review

Fun Comfort Item

This classic Foosball table is best for the superior game fun. The table is best for the extreme level players who always serious about their game excitement. If you play on it for once, you will come again to have the fun. With the long-lasting stability, with all super flexible parts and features, it will be the best fun comfort item for you and your Foosball freaky buddies.


  • This is the table which is ITSF certified practice table.
  • USA origin. A group of players does not compromise with the origin.
  • Comes with abacus scoring unit.
  • Three piece bearings for better ball control and protect the opponent’s shots.
  • Bold logo graphics makes the table more elegant and identic.
  • Perfect for tournament style play.
  • Best fun equipment.
  • Counterbalanced players.

Cons and Solution

  • Quite expensive
  • Solution: The table price is out of range of some casual players. But who want to pass a quality time with a quality game item, it would be best one for them.
  • No cup holders.
  • Solution: It is necessary to enjoy the game with a can of beer or a cup of tea. As the table is built for the serious players who do not waste a minute except playing. Nevertheless, the addition of cup holders may be needed here.
  • Quite big.
  • Solution: If you want to set the whole table in your bedroom or any other tight places, you won’t find the table best suitable. You need a spacious area to set it perfectly.

Playing Foosball Video

Frequently Asked Questions For  The Tornado Tournament 3000 Foosball Table


  • Q: I am a beginner into Foosball games. Will it be the best for me?
  • A: Then it is more than your expectations. It is best for the super-fast and experienced players.
  • Q: What is the special feature here?
  • A: You will get more or less everything special here. Among them, spacious playfield is the best feature which will help to get the extreme fun.
  • Q: How long it will take to assemble completely?
  • A: You may find the assembly quite difficult though men, rods, and handles are preassembled. You need to put together rest half to the bottom of the table. It will take more or fewer 30mins.
  • Q: Why the table is so expensive whereas others are not?
  • A: The quality of the table value for the money. This perfectly does match with the price. Others are also good. But it will remain the same as brand new after years even after rough plays.
  • Q: Are the men counterbalanced?
  • A: Yes. All are counterbalanced.


The tornado classic Foosball table has excellent customer ratings. You may take a decision right now after knowing everything about this tornado Foosball table from this Tornado Tournament 3000 Foosball Table review if you have enough money to spend on a game item. No doubt, you will get the best fun item.

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