Triumph 48 in. Sweeper Foosball Table Review


Super stylish. I am going to disclose about a simply gorgeous model in Triumph 48 in. Sweeper Foosball Table Review. You will get a smoothly done soccer table here with the solid structure with the standard design. You will get the realistic fun because of its spacious playing surface. Perfect for all type gatherings. Family or friends, at home or outside – no matter. The table is always ready to give you the real and long excitement. Foosball freaky can’t control to play for once on it after seeing this handsome one anywhere. I have researched a huge number of Foosball table reviews. Many users madly love with this modish one.


Appealing Look

Stylish one. It will appear to you with an appealing look with all of its beautifully done parts. 26 molded players with black and white colors. It enhances the playfield beauty. Smart and gentle look with its light color and simple design.


It is not a too small Foosball table. This smart one comes to you with a standard dimension. That is 48LX24WX31H. And the weight is in under 50. That is 47Ibs. Light in weight but heavy in performance. It can hold a vigorous game fun for hours.


The table is constructed so well for soccer table game. It conveys tournament sized playfield and perfects to hold rough excitement for hours. It is an inconceivable cheap foosball table with all tournament type materials. You will get enough spacious playfield to arrange a long tournament, hollow steel rods with super comfortable grips, 26 molded players all are here within a minimum price. This one for everyone.


Tournament sized spacious playfield, 8 chrome plated hollow steel rods, 4 quality soccer balls, 26 molded players, quality handles these all Foosball table parts are made of quality materials for lasting a long period. No need to be worried about this mini soccer table’s durability. You will get more than your expectations at a low cost.

Ergonomic grips for comfortable use

The chrome plated hollow steel rods are with comfortable handles. You will get an ergonomic grip to run a comfortable play throughout the tournament sized playground. It makes the whole match more comfortable.

Made from plastic, rubber, steel, and wood

If you have used Foosball table for several times, you will get this one with quite different structures. Best combination of plastic, rubber, steel and wood. Triumph sports concentrated on the quality of all these materials. The whole body is made of wood with hollow steel rods, the handles are with quality plastic and the head of the rods are covered with quality rubber. Best table top with best materials.

Soccer balls included

You will get two balls here. These are soccer-style balls. Perfect for fast shot and passing. You will get the games more enjoyable with these little accessories- two soccer balls.

Triumph 48 in. Sweeper Foosball Table Review

26 individual molded players

26 molded players. All are with traditional style. They are assigned beautifully among the 8 rows. Black and white in colors. Beautiful to look and comfortable to play with these.

Frequently Asked Questions for the Triumph 48 in. Sweeper Foosball Table

Q: How the foosmen are designed here?

A: You will get 26 traditional players. All are individually molded and beautifully done.

Q: May I choose it for my children?

A: Yes. It will be the best learning period for your children with this soccer table. Features and dimension all go to your children.

Q: How much sturdy the table is?

A: This is not too big or heavy as professional tables. But for your family and children, you will get it enough robust with its materials. And it will not be damaged if you hold a rough play with your children for hours.

Q: What are the main materials of this cheap Foosball table?

A: The table combined 4 materials here. Wood, plastic, rubber and steel. Different parts are made of different materials. All are individually rich in quality. I have described thoroughly about these materials in Triumph 48 in. Sweeper Foosball Table Review. This affords may cooperate you to choose the best one.

Q: Are there any leg levelers for the legs?

A: Sure. You will get 1½ inches levelers with the legs. These are adjustable.


  • Authentic product by triumph sports.
  • Simply gorgeous.
  • Super robust to hold the game excitement for hours.
  • It has a standard size with a light weight.
  • Tournament sized playfield to provide the superior game fun.
  • Chrome-plated hollow steel rods.
  • It comes with 4 unique soccer balls.
  • Total 26 traditional players which are individually molded.
  • Super comfortable grip.
  • Easy abacus scoring system.
  • You will get this table with various colors. You can choose anyone of them.

Cons and Solution

  • Too light to hold a vigorous play.
  • Solution: The weight is not too heavy. But you may spend whole night arranging a tournament with this one. Because of low weight, you may get some trouble if you are super fast players. As it is spacious one, can get the superior fun.
  • Not too much sturdy.
  • Solution: The table is the cheapest one. Nevertheless, it is providing more features than its price. Triumph sports tried a lot to combine the all quality materials together here. It won't make you upset so early.

Playing Foosball


You can spend the whole night with your friends and family by arranging a tournament with this small Foosball table. No lacking in game action and excitement on this table. Enjoyment for hours that is why anyone wants to play on it. A small one at a cheap price- best for fast paced action. You may know the details as I have endeavored pros and cons here in Triumph 48 in. Sweeper Foosball Table Review after researching a lot.

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